• Author/Photographer Abeer Hoque on Make/Work



    Photo credit: Josh Steinbauer                           

    On episode 36 of Make/Work, I speak with author/photographer Abeer Hoque about her recently published collection of short stories, The Lovers and the Leavers, what it's like calling places "home" on multiple continents and her obsession with memory and nostalgia.

    Nothing else makes me as happy as writing or taking a picture.

    Also, I'm taking a break from Make/Work for a while after this episode to focus on the release of a brand new podcast, which will be launching in about a week. STAY TUNED!

  • Scholar Dru Farro on Make/Work


    On the new episode of Make/Work, I speak with wizard/lit scholar Dru Farro about his reluctance to rely on the free Canadian medical care he's got access to as a visiting grad student and something or someone called "Husserl." And other stuff too.

    Make/Work Episode 35

    "I’m preparing for a life of more or less poverty line income."

  • Kickstarter Campaign to Release a New Album - Staff Pick Today!!

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    Hey all! I just launched a Kickstarter to help release a new album. The album's all finished and ready to go. We just need help with the push of turning it into sweet vinyl for your eyes and ears.


    This is my first release since I put out “The Full Sun” in 2009. It’s a 14-piece band tracked live in the studio – instrumental music that falls somewhere between Afro-psyche, Kraut rock, free jazz and vintage soul. This album, “No Country Music,” might just be the best album I’ve made and I’m super excited to share it with you.

    Click on over to Kickstarter and check it out.