• Stay the Course Until Impeachment

    So we’re less than a week out from the president signaling solidarity with white ethno-nationalists, one of whose members murderously plowed a vehicle into a crowd of people in a shocking act of domestic terrorism. The laser-like focus on this fact appears to be difficult to maintain. To state as plainly as possible, we cannot accept our sitting president endorsing or in any way granting validity to the idea of a white ethno-state, Nazism and white racism. In doing so, he stands against the very founding principles of this nation. His proclamation last Tuesday was an act of treasonous sedition that directly and wholly disqualifies him from holding public office of any kind. It’s not an exaggeration to say he wouldn’t be fit to deliver mail.


    My point in reiterating what you all already know is that this must become the single issue from now until this man is ejected from his office, either by impeachment, 25th amendment, or resignation due to public pressure. There are many urgent issues that we are facing simultaneously, but they all need to be momentarily set aside until this man is no longer president. The important critique of the center-left by the left needs to be momentarily put on pause. Any anti-fascist Republicans need to be momentarily embraced. The environment, the economy, the legal system, health care, everything needs to take a back seat for just one minute, while we form a massive single bloc in opposition to this president and the white ethno-state ideologues.


    For the next (hopefully) brief moment we need to divide the world solely along the lines of ethno-state fascists and EVERYONE ELSE. That’s it. It’s very, very easy. We are the vast, overwhelming majority and we will win. But only if we come together and stay together until these hate-mongers and their president are literally run out of town.


    We must unite as a one-issue front and get this done, because the ultimate agenda of any ethno-state ideologue, regardless of what bullshit they dress their ideas in, is genocide. There is no climate control, there is no police reform, there is no expansion of gay rights, there is no elimination of prisons or universal health care if there is genocide. Period. The Nazi flag stands for genocide. Anyone who even remotely associates himself with it or finds its presence in any way acceptable stands for genocide. This is one of the very few absolutes any of us will ever encounter.


    So please, I beg of all of us, don’t let this go. Don’t become distracted by arguments about statues or whatever bullshit they are definitely going to cook up in the next 72 hours to start another fire elsewhere and drive the news cycle in a different direction. There is only one issue right now – opposing ethno-state ideology by removing Donald Trump from office.


    I suggest calling your representatives (both R and D) and saying something along the lines of:

    Last Tuesday our president gave public sanction to white ethno-state ideologues and a domestic terrorist. This is an unacceptable position for the president of the United States to hold and is direct conflict with the principle of equality on which this nation was founded. He is not only unfit to keep his office, but his sanction of people who advocate violence in the name of Nazism and white ethno-nationalism poses both an existential threat to our nation and a real, physical threat to all of us. We need a far greater response from representatives such as yourself, than we have yet to see. We need our representatives to be speaking out, not just on social media, but publicly, against white-nationalism and the president’s refusal to condemn white racist domestic terrorists. We need policy ideas to address the rise of both domestic terrorism and white nationalism, and most importantly, we need Donald Trump removed from office. It is unacceptable for a president to sympathize with white nationalists and give sanction to domestic terrorists. He has proven himself wholly unfit to lead our great diverse nation.


    Feel free to share as you see fit.

    -Scott Rosenberg/Pinkmountain, Proud Anti-Fascist